Yoga opened a new chapter in my life ” door to awareness”. The beautiful journey of body and soul. The understanding of pranas doshas and bandha. The practice of living in the moment.
I learnt the importance of breath and its connection with our practice. How to get deeper into a posture with conciousness. Learning and getting better step by step. Shoulder stand seemed impossible at one point and now it’s a piece of cake!…
The workshops and talks makes our practice more enjoyable and yet very beneficial. The diet conciousness and awareness ” you are what you eat”. The calming and soothing prayers. They all combine together into a beautiful package.
Thank you Seemi for sharing your deep knowledge of yoga with commitment discipline skill and practice. I always leave the class with a feeling of great change on spiritual and physical level. The perfect feeling of positive energy. The better understanding of being. Thank you for being an amazing teacher!!
Much love!!


Seemi has opened a door for me which I never even knew existed. The yogic philosophy and practice which Seemi has inculcated in all of us has made me meet myself and find deep peace within me. Not to mention the added benefits of a supple body!
What I have learnt the most is the power of gratitude and of living in the moment, something one is not naturally trained to do. The breathing and meditation that we are learning has quelled many moments of stress for me, I have actually experimented with the asanas in real life situations and found them to be very handy indeed. Similarly, I used the “observation” technique in stressful moments and found the results quite amazing.
I fell from the stairs a few years ago and herniated a lumber disk. Yet with Seemi’s gentle tutoring I have managed to regain amazing flexibility in my spine. “You are perfect where you are” and it is so true. It is the power of healing, both inside and out.


The journey of yoga with Seemi has been a journey of understanding myself,my body & a way to look within.
It is not an hour and half of asana practice only, it is our time to be mindful,to be aware of our thoughts , our routines & most importantly our breath.Yoga with her taught us to find balance on the mat & in our life.She takes us through many yoga postures & allows Mind,Body& Spirit to come into true alignment.
With her we are able to access the spiritual aspect of yoga.


Vinyasa Wellness Yoga class is a great ‘welcome relief’ amid a stressful world that is constantly draining our energies , every day I look forward to not only practicing mindfulness , meditation and yoga but to listen to the therapeutic words of wisdom by our experienced guru & instructor Seemi, she guides us through each pose and movement, from all asanas to shavasana we’re taught to coordinate movement with breath. Love the aura of the whole place!


Love, Peace, Awareness, Breath, Acceptance, Consciousness, Contentment, Calm , Balance , Happiness…
These are just some of the words that come to my mind when I think about me and my yoga class with ( dearest ) Seemi.
Side by side with the asana practice Seemi has taught me to be aware of Pranayama, Pratyahara, the chakras, the doshas, the all important Shavasana and so much more…!
I Thank the almighty for bringing Seemi and her Yoga class into my life and pray for her health and happiness . 🙏


“Wholesomeness”, that’s what comes to the mind for my yoga practice with Seemi. She introduced me to the magic of yoga- not just the asanas but the yogic philosophy as well. Her classes are full of energy yet extremely calming.
She has great command on the intricacies of correct form and is very conscientious that we don’t hurt ourselves. Her flow sequences are energising, empowering and playful and when she sits down to explain how to travel the yogic path, new horizons of understanding emerge. Thank you Seemi!


Seemi your passion for teaching not just yoga but the art of living is amazing.
Your positive energy and your deep knowledge flows around. I have always been inspired by the calm aura around you and your motivation . I have learnt a lot from you and still trying my best .


Starting yoga classes with Seemi almost 10 years back was a decision which had a major impact on my well being in the spiritual as well as the emotional and physical aspects of my life, which I can say with conviction have evolved in a very positive way.
The moment I enter Seemi’s home all my worries and problems disappear… I feel as if I’ve entered into a sanctuary of serene calmness and tranquility.
Seemi delivers her classes with sincere commitment which is evident in every little detail which she pays precise attention to so as to give her students an unforgettable experience. From the scented candles to the herbal tea provided to us , to the arrangement of the yoga mats and sweet scented eye pillows which are cleaned for us before each and every class. Whem I’m on my mat in Seemis class All that matters is the synchronisation of my breath and movement on the mat…. Everything else melts away. Once the class ends I feel spiritually cleansed and polished as though I have experienced a deep form of prayer. A lot of hard work and effort in preparing each class on Seemis behalf is evident in the compilation of the yogic theory lectures delivered to us as well as in the asna practice in which the sequences are varied in each and every class. Never do I feel that there is mundane repetition.I always feel there is a new challenge to the physical aspect and spiritual enrichment through the talks.
The impact of yoga with Seemi is now deeply embedded in my being! I feel stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have attended other classes but couldn’t continue them as they seemed baseless and vacant compared to the rich fulfilment which I have become used to in my yoga sessions with Seemi. 😍💕
Dear Seemi you have really spoilt us 😘 what will we do without you😘!


What a life changing experience it has been!I joined Seeme’s yoga class exact 10 years ago.stumbling,struggling,falling I learnt to be happy with my limitations and respect my body.through Seeme’s constant talks which crossed over my mind at first started sinking in and changed me for ever.  learnt to close the chatter in my mind and hence became more calm. Also through her guidance i let go of the negative emotions weighing me down. Most importantly in my class I was able to synchronize my inner self with my surroundings. Thanks to Seeme for making me aware of my inner strength and stabilizing it and liberating me of apprehensions. I cherish and look forward to my yoga class where I am  immersed in the serene ambiance created by Seemi, My guru jee!
Thank you .looking forward to another decade of exploring and experiencing new dimensions and challenges with happiness and gratitude. 🙏


I was in search of a good yoga teacher and a dear friend introduced me to Seemi and her “yoga place”. My journey with Seemi has been very interesting connecting to myself though the asanas. Seemi is not just a terrific instructor of asanas but teaches yoga as a way of life on and off the mat. I learnt the meaning of  “being in the moment” especially through the balancing asanas. To have full concentration, with absolutely no other thought,breathing and feeling it.  But the most wonderful thing I learnt is “competition is with oneself only”, on the mat and off the mat and each has her/his own journey,that just sets you free . Third is reinforcement to have “immense gratitude” for all we have and while we are on the mat especially for our health.


I look at my self in a few years from now and  hope to have a healthy and active life in body and mind.
Thanks to a dear friend who introduced me to  Seemi, the yoga expert.
The class starts at 10 a.m. at Seemi ‘s home. As you enter a little before 10 from the front door into the lobby of her beautiful house, you are greeted with fragrances of different incense and fresh flowers.
We sit cross legged in this large studio on mats neatly placed for everyone.
Seemi greets everyone looking radiant. First half an hour is devoted to breathing and discussing some philosophy of yoga that is relevant to our life.
I am amazed at her knowledge and the effort she puts in to make the class interesting  and shares her knowledge and experience with us.
Breath and breathing exercise is very important in yoga, first it seemed monotonous but later I  found its advantages. It clears the mind of all the stress and anxiety.
An hour of yoga with Seeme the next step, with my stiff knees and sweating. My stamina built up after a few classes. It is strenuous but doable, at the end one feels rejuvenated, not tired. I feel good and aware of my whole body.
Thank you Seemi!