About Yoga

Yoga helps with conditioning a stronger and flexible body; manage and alleviate chronic pain and migraine; sleep and breathe better. Vinyasa Wellness practice is influenced by vinyasa and ashtanga traditions: vibrant flows of integrating physical poses with steady breathing. Each class session is uniquely crafted working toward a final pose, focus on one chakra, or a complete body emphasis, but always driving to cardiovascular and strength building in harmony with breathwork. Ayurvedic philosophies are also tied into each session, to enhance the approach to wellness. Vinyasa Wellness challenges your body to become powerful, develop stamina and improve your overall physical health.

A regular yoga practice helps boost mental clarity, sharpen concentration, improves the mood, decreases anxiousness, increases mindfulness, and more! Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras define asana as a “steady, comfortable posture”. Every yoga posture should be steady, sturdy and with a sense of ease, leading into the final pose of sitting comfortably still, which is attainable when the body and mind are in congruence. Vinyasa Wellness sessions offer dynamic, energetic flows with intention to finally sit in silence, embracing the stillness in mind, achieved through meditation and breathing techniques. Yogi practitioners leave with a quiet and rejuvenated mind state, ready to tackle the day with renewed energy. Vinyasa Wellness sessions tie in a mental practice to the physical sequences, to help tackle emotional and life challenges and to establish a placid sense of being.

When the body is at ease and the mind is still, you are ready to cultivate awareness and mindfulness into your practice and everyday life. Moving through the yoga postures with awareness engages you into diving into learning about yourself: the different ways you act, react, likes, dislikes on and off the mat. When you ignite awareness, you alter your mind to vibrate as a keen observer which translates into how you live your life and how you interact with others. There is a metamorphosis from always doing to taking time out to just be and cherish the moment.